Sentence Correction Part - 1 for SSC CGL and IBPS PO & Clerk Exams

Sentence Correction Part - 1 for SSC CGL and IBPS PO & Clerk Exams

DIRECTIONS (Qs. 1 - 25): A sentence has been broken into 4 parts, (a), (b), (c) and (d). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'e'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).


(a) What

(b) you will think

(c) if school boys

(d) make fun of you?

(e) No error.



(a) We

(b) have been living

(c) in this house

(d) since two years.

(e) No error.



(a) He served

(b) the country with

(c) heart and soul

(d) but got nothing in return.

(e) No error.



(a) Manohar has not only opened

(b) a restaurant, but also

(c) a grocery shop in the

(d) village where we live

(e) No error.



(a) His speech was

(b) judged by many

(c) as one of the most important speech

(d) given in the function.

(e) No error.



(a) They would not

(b) have able to plan

(c) the details of the job,

(d) if you had no cooperated.

(e) No error.



(a) Hardly had I

(b) entered the compartment

(c) than I met

(d) my friend Vishwas.

(e) No error.



(a) Unintentionally I let

(b) out the secret

(c) by talking about

(d) it loudly in the library.

(e) No error.



(a) Ever since the government

(b) announced its new policy

(c) the private institutions had

(d) run into heavy weather.

(e) No error.



(a) Ramesh did not like

(b) leaving his old parents alone in the house

(c) but he had no alternative

(d) as he has to go out to work.

(e) No error.



(a) Both the brothers are

(b) so good-natured that

(c) they look at their

(d) old and aged parents very well

(e) No error.



(a) Foolishly Rajani opened

(b) the cooker when

(c) it was full steam

(d) and burnt her hands.

(e) No error.



(a) No sooner did

(b) the chairman begin speaking

(c) some participants started

(d) shouting slogans.

(e) No error.



(a) The teacher promised

(b) that he will explain it

(c) if they come

(d) before school the following day.

(e) No error.



(a) Scarcely had

(b) he gone a few steps

(c) that he was told

(d) that his mother was no more.

(e) No error.



(a) One of the objective

(b) of the meeting which

(c) was held today was to

(d) elect new office-bearers.

(e) No error.



(a) When the national

(b) anthem was being

(c) sung, everyone were

(d) standing in silence.

(e) No error.



(a) He neglects

(b) attending lectures

(c) regularly

(d) though college was only a few yards away from his house.

(e) No error.



(a) Mr.Raman said that

(b) he had a difference

(c) with

(d) the chairman at his statement.

(e) No error.



(a) We were shocking

(b) to hear the news

(c) of the untimely death

(d) of the leader.

(e) No error.



(a) The health workers are

(b) being tried their best

(c) to popularise

(d) preventive measures.

(e) No error.



(a) After listening to

(b) his advice, I

(c) decided to not to

(d) go abroad for studies.

(e) No error.



(a) The customer scarcely had

(b) enough money to pay

(c) to the cashier

(d) at the cash counter.

(e) No error.



(a) Neither of the plans

(b) suits him and therefore

(c) he decided not to

(d) go out yesterday.

(e) No error



(a) Since I had been gone

(b) through the book

(c) long back, I could

(d) not remember the contents.

(e) No error.

Answer :

  1. b
  2. d
  3. b
  4. a
  5. c
  6. b
  7. c
  8. e
  9. c
  10. d
  11. c
  12. c
  13. c
  14. b
  15. c
  16. a
  17. c
  18. d
  19. d
  20. a
  21. b
  22. c
  23. a
  24. b
  25. a