English - Sentence Completion Practice Set-2 for SSC CGL, MTS, and CHSL Exam

English - Sentence Completion Practice Set-2 for SSC CGL, MTS, and CHSL Exam

English - Sentence Completion Practice Set-2 for SSC CGL, MTS, and CHSL Exam

Directions (Q. 1-15): In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word (s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four as your answer.

1. In certain traditions, the husband is________as the breadwinner and the wife is expected to play a________role.

(A) counted; unequal

(B) treated: unique

(C) perceived; subordinate

(D) believed; subservient

Ans. (C) perceived; subordinate


2. The two parties have to______cach other's sensibilities and______towards a win-win merger

(A) seek: move

(B) develop; look

(C) respect, work

(D) accept; develop

Ans :  (C) respect, work


3. I _______that my pocket______picked.

(A) realized; had been
(B) had realized; was

(C) realized; is

(D) had realized; has been

Ans: (A) realized; had been


4. Josep______from his job because he was_______for promotion

(A) left; declined

(B) gave up; refused

(C) left; asked

(D) resigned; sidelined

Ans: (D) resigned; sidelined


5. Only______people are______after death.

(A) virtual; known

(B) virtuous; remembered

(C) brave; forgotten

(D) vicious; admired

Ans : (B) virtuous; remembered


6. Because it does not aim to_______to the masses and strives for an______view, art is fated to be always under attack.

(A) defer; individual

(B) cater; alternate

(C) appeal; universal

(D) afford; independent

Ans: (B) cater; alternate


7. You must apologize _______him ______the wrong you have done.

(A) from; on
(B) to; against

(C) from; against
(D) to; for

Ans: (D) to; for


8. After I _______ dinner. I ______ T.V. for a while.
(A) had finished; watched

(B) finished; watching

(C) had: had watching

(D) had finished; will watch

Ans :  (A) had finished; watched


9.I________him because of his

(A) admire; hypocrisy

(B) detest; generosity

(C) love; impertinence

(D) hate; rudeness

Ans : (D) hate; rudeness


10. Enemies are almost always _____as they share the same _______of hatred, suspicion and betrayal

(A) common; features

(B) similar; intensity

(C) different; feelings

(D) disparate; qualities

Ans : (B) similar; intensity


11. I ______lunch one hour ago.

(A) have had
(B)had had

Ans :(D)Had


12. He thought that my car ______ for sale

(A) is
(B) was

(C) has been

(D) will be

Ans :(B) Was


13. He tried to prevent me ______doing my duty.

Ans: (D)From


14.To the dismay of the student body, the class president was _______berated by the principal at the school assembly.

(A) ignominiously
(B) privately

(C) magnanimously

(D) fortuitously

Ans : (A) ignominiously


15. I would apologize if I______ you.

(A) am
(B) was
(C) have

Ans : (D)were

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