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Maths Questions Asked in SSC CGL TIER – 2 Exam held on 17.02.2018

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Maths Questions Asked in SSC CGL TIER - 2 Exam held on 17.02.2018

TOPICS No .of Qns Asked
 Number System (Including Simplification + HCF-LCM) 12
 Percentage  4
  Profit, Loss & Discount  9
 Simple Interest and Compound Interest 4
Ratio/Mixture/Alligation 7
  Time, Speed & Distance  4
  Time & Work 6
Geometry 14
Mensuration 11
DI (Bar Graph) 5
Trigonometry 10


Maths Questions Asked in SSC CGL TIER - 2 Exam held on 17.02.2018

  • In a triangle side, AB= 5 Bc =8 Ac =√41 median through A is AD then find the area of ABD.
  • A+B+AB =65 THEN A-B?
  • Find the number between 1000 and 9999 which is divisible by 283.
  • Find the radius of a sphere having a surface area 3452cm square.
  • Two trains having speed _ km/h and _ km/h. If the second train reaches destination late by 8 minutes than first one. Due to some technical failure on the first train, it now reaches destination late by 12 minutes. find out the distance between the two station?
  • A certain amount is divided into 3 people. X gets 2/7 of what Y gets and Y gets 4/9 of what Z gets.. then by how much amount more Z gets than A.
  • What is the number of months which amounts to Rs___ compounded semi-annually at the rate of 20%
  • If (a+b)/c=7/9 and (b+c)/a=11/5.. the find the value of c.
  • If the ratio of curved surface area and total surface area of a cylinder is 2:1.. then find out the volume of the cylinder
  • What is the rate of interest if the Simple interest is 8000 and the compound interest is 8164.. for two years.
  • A sphere is put inside a hollow cone having base radius r. Then find out the ratio between the radius of sphere and the hollow cone ?
  • What is the unit digit of the sum of first 111 whole numbers?
  • If a cuboid having sides 30×50×40 is divided into 8 equal parts by cutting 3 times. Then find out the total surface area of all the parts.


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