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Important Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL and Bank exams – I

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Important Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL and Bank exams - I

Hello friends, 

In this post we are Sharing some of the important Idioms and Phrases for forthcoming competitive exams like SSC CGL, CHSL, BANK and other exams. This is part - i containing 25 Important Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL and Bank exams. We will post part - ii very soon. Important Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL and Bank exams - I
  1. Beat back (to compel to retire : पिछे हेटन के लिए मजबूर करना ) : The firemen were beaten back by angry flames and the building was reduced to ashes.
  2. Cast aside (to reject, to throw aside : अस्वीकार करना ) : Men will cast aside truth and honesty for immediate gains.
  3. Cry down (to deprecate : विरोध करना ) : Some of the Western powers did their best to cry down India’s success in the war.
  4. Egg on (to urge on : आग्रह करना ) : Who egged you on to fight a professional boxer and get your nose knocked off?
  5. Gloss over (explain away : समझाना ) : Even if you are an important person your faults cannot be glossed over.
  6. To laugh in one’s sleeves (to be secretly amused : चुपके से खुश) : While I was solemnly reading my research paper to the audience, my friends were laughing in their sleeves for they knew what it was worth.
  7. Play off ( to set one party against another for one’s own advantage : खुद के फायदे के लिए दूसरे के खिलाफ) : It best serves the interests of the superpowers to play off one poor nation against another.
  8. Pull one through (to recover, to help one recover : पुनर्प्राप्त करने में सहायता) : Armed with the latest medicines, the doctor will pull him through.
  9. To catch a Tartar (to encounter a strong adversary : एक मजबूत विरोधी का सामना करना ) : When Hitler marched into Russia he little knew that he would catch a Tartar in the tough people of that country.
  10. To come off second best ( to be defeated in every contest : हर प्रतियोगिता में पराजित होना) : Be it an election or a tambola, I have always come off the second best.
  11. To get into hot water ( to get into difficulty : कठिनाई में उतरना) : The businessman got into hot water with the Income-tax authorities for concealing his income from ancestral property.
  12. To give someone the slip ( to dodge someone who is looking for you : जो आप को 
    खोज रहा है, उसे चकमा देना ) : The police had nearly got the dacoits when the latter gave them the slip in the Chambal ravines.
  13. To go on a fool’s errand ( to go on an expedition which leads to a foolish end : एक अभियान पर जाना, जो मूर्ख की ओर जाता हो ) : Many people earlier believed that going to the moon was like going on a fool’s errand
  14. To go to the wall ( to get the worst in a competition -प्रतियोगिता में सबसे खराब ): In the struggle of life, the weakest goes to the wall.
  15. To go to rack and ruin, to go to the dogs ( to be ruined : तबाह होना ) : If a big war comes, our economy will go to the dogs.
  16. To have one’s hands full ( to be very busy : बहुत व्यस्त होना ) : Pakistan could hardly expect active help from the U.S.A. as her hands were already full with Vietnam, Laos and West Asia problems.
  17. To have the whip hand of ( to have mastery over : महारत हासिल करना) : After the split in the party Mrs. Gandhi has the whip hand of the Congress.
  18. To have too many irons in the fire  ( to have so much work in hand that some part of it is left undone or is done very badly ) : Let the Government not go in for nationalization so fast. If they have too many irons in the fire they are bound to fare badly.
  19. To have the tree or right ring ( To be genuine : वास्तविक होना ) : No  one's pronouncements on world peace do not have the right ring.
  20. To have two strings to one’s bow ( to have an alternative means of achieving one’s purpose ) : A wife always has two strings to her bow if coating fails to achieve the desired end; tears succeed.
  21. To keep the wolf from the door (to keep away extreme poverty and hunger : अत्यधिक गरीबी और भूख को दूर रखना ) : Lakhs in India have to struggle everyday to keep the wolf from the door.
  22. To make short work of ( to bring to sudden end : अचानक अंत करना ) : The locusts made short work of the ripe standing corn.
  23. To make amends for ( to compensate for damage : क्षति के लिए क्षतिपूर्ति करना) : By his kindness today he has made amends pr his past insolence.
  24.  To make common cause with ( to unite, to co-operate with : एकजुट होकर, साथ मिलकर सहयोग करना ) : During the last elections the princes made a common cause with the rightist parties. Both went down.
  25.  To make a virtue of necessity ( to do a very disagreeable thing as though from duty but really because you must do it ) : When a minister knows that he is going to be booted out of the cabinet he makes a virtue of necessity and resigns on health grounds.

Important Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL and Bank exams - I

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