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Most Important English Vocabulary Part – III

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Most Important English Vocabulary Part - III

List of Homophones and HomophonesHomographs are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings while Homophones are words that sound the same when you pronounce them, but have different meanings. We have selected these words for maximum usefulness. All these have appeared in recent years in different exams. it will be helpful in upcoming exams like ssc cgl, ssc chsl as well as IBPS PO Clerk and SBI PO. Most Important English Vocabulary Part - III

pane – window glass
peace - calm
piece - segment
peak – highest point
peek – glance
plain - ordinary
plane – flight machine
plane - flat surface
pole - post
poll – survey
poor – not rich
pour – make flow, cause to run
pray – implore God
prey - quarry
principal – most important
principle – belief
rain – water from sky
rein - bridle, any means of control
rap - tap
wrap – drape around
real - factual
reel – roll
right – correct; not left
write – scribble
ring – encircle
wring - squeeze
role - function
roll – rotate
rose - flower
rows - lines
sail – move by wind power
sale – bargain price
scene - landscape
seen - viewed
sea – ocean segment
see – observe with eyes
seam – joining edge
seem – appear
sew – connect with thread
so – as a result

Most Important English Vocabulary Part - III

sow - plant
soar - ascend
sore – hurt place, causing misery, pain
sole - single
soul - essence, a human being
some – a few
sum – amount
steal – swipe
steel – alloy
tail – animal's appendage
tale – story
their – belonging to them
there – at that place
to - toward
too - also
toe – foot appendage
tow – pull along
vary – differ
very - much
wail – howl
whale – huge swimming mammal
waist – area below ribs
waste – squander
wait – kill time
weight – measurable load
war – battle
wore – past form of wear
warn – caution
worn - used
way - path
weight – measure mass
we - us
wee - tiny
weak – not strong
week – period of seven days
weather - climate
whether - if
which - that
witch – sorcerer

Most Important English Vocabulary Part - III

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