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Geography Important Questions Set-2 for SSC CHSL, CGL, MTS, CPO, Steno Exams

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Geography Important Questions Set-2 for SSC CHSL, CGL, MTS, CPO, Steno Exams

1.Seismic sea waves which approach the coasts at greater force is known as
(a) Tides
(b) Tsunami
(c) Current
(d) Cyclone
Ans. (b) Tsunami

2. The land of maximum biodiversity is
(a) Tropical
(b) Temperate
(c) Monsoonal
(d) Equatorial
Ans. (a) Tropical

3. Indian Standard Time relates to
(a) 75.5°E longitude
(b) 82.5°E longitude
(c) 90.5°E longitude
(d) 0° longitude
Ans. (b) 82.5°E longitude

4. Which is the second nearest star to the Earth after the Sun?
(a) Vega
(b) Sirius
(c) Proxima Centauri
(d) Alpha Centauri
Ans. (c) Proxima Centauri

5. The forest in Sundarban is called
(a) Scrub jungle
(b) Mangrove
(c) Deciduous forest
(d) Tundra
Ans. (b) Mangrove

6. Which of the following Indonesian regions was a victim of massive earthquake in
(a) IrianJaya
(b) Sumara
(c) Kalibangan
(d) Java
Ans. (b) Sumara

7. The first non-stop air-conditioned 'DURANTO' train was flagged off between
(a) Sealdah New Delhi
(b) Mumbai Howrah
(c) Bangalore Howrah
(d) Chennai New Delhi
Ans. (a) Sealdah New Delhi

8. Which one of the following states does not form part basin?ada River basin?
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Rajasthan
(C) Gujarat
(d) Maharashtra
Ans. (b) Rajasthan

9. Soil erosion on hillslopes can be checked by
(a) Afforestation
(b) Terrace cultivation
(c) Strip cropping
(d) Contour ploughing
Ans. (b) Terrace cultivation

10.Who coined the word Geography?
(a) Ptolemy
(b) Eratosthenes
(c) Hacataus
(d) Herodotus
Ans. (b) Eratosthenes

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